Richard Massara's Laughtovers

Friday 25th July

Voodoo Cafe

Tickets £8

Doors 7:30pm

Show 8pm

Age 16+

Richard Massara

Richard Massara's Laughtovers

Have you ever had your plans for Friday night cancelled at the last minute? That feeling of emptiness and rejection, knowing that event you were so looking forward too is no longer happening and instead there is just an empty hole in your weekend to be filled with a sofa, crappy TV and picking biscuit crumbs out of your belly button.

Now imagine that you were going to be paid for your night out. That would really suck wouldn't it? An empty evening and an empty wallet.

Welcome to the world of the “cancelled comedian”. The nations loneliest creature. Up and down the Country some of the UK’s finest and funniest comedians find themselves left without a gig at the last minute. This can be through; poor promotion, dastardly venue management, weak ticket sales, or, on the odd occasion, natural disasters.

Well the Darlington Comedy Festival has a solution to these comedians woes: introducing; Laughtovers. A night purely for that most unfortunate soul; the Cancelled Comedian.

With a line up so secret that even the organisers won’t know who is on it until the week of the event; but there is one thing they can guarantee; it will feature the cream of the UK comedy circuit… Who just happen to have had a gig cancelled on them that week.

It happens to the best, so why should they miss out and why should you? Join us for a comedic lucky dip, and let their bad luck be your good fortune.


Tickets are now on-sale for this show from the Darlington Comedy Festival shop.

Tickets for this show can also be bought in person from Voodoo Cafe, Skinnergate, Darlington, or by telephone on 01325 467 555.

Tickets for this show are £8 each. Doors open at 7:30pm with the show starting at 8pm.


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