Sam Gore & Brennan Reece

AMENDED VENUE: Please note, this show will take place at Red Lion, in Priestgate.

This show will feature two preview shows:

Sam Gore: The Cryptid Crossword

Writer, comedian and all-round manchild Sam Gore has always had a fascination with the weird and wonderful, sparked at a young age by Ripley’s Believe It Or Not annuals and TV shows like Strange But True. Tragically this interest found itself progressing right up in to what loosely qualifies as his adulthood. With his debut show he brings one of his favourite subjects - cryptozoology - to life, sharing with the world some of it’s own maddest and most impossible to believe encounters with the unknown.

Cryptozoology is the posh word for “the pursuit of hidden animals” - those creatures that are theorised to exist, but haven’t yet been proven by science. From the famous ones like The Loch Ness Monster and Bigfoot right through the spectrum of local legends, Sam has a laugh with some of our most enduring cultural mythology, looking at why society needs monsters and why we want to believe. Oh, and he tries to not annoy the whole of Scotland by pointing out how boring Nessie is in the process.

Whether you want to hear about eight-foot long otters that murder Irish townspeople or just find out why a 28-year old man empathises so much with the tragic creature known as The Loneliest Whale In The World, The Cryptid Crossword is the perfect introduction in to the world of the weird and wonderful.

“The jokes are as cruel as they are funny, i.e. very... a class act indeed” - Chortle

“Truly exceptional... confident, clever stuff” - Giggle Beats

“Wicked and dry and magnificently funny” - BSH Magazine

Brennan Reece: Marvel

Everyone always speaks in the third person doing these things. BBC New Comedy Award finalist, Brennan Reece is going it alone and writing this all by myself. I mean himself. He means himself.

This exciting young comedy talent shares his naive look at the world around him in this 40 minute show.

As seen on BBC, ITV, Channel 4, E4 and Sky One.

“Hilarious, rubber faced, bright young talent” - The Stage

“Rabble rousing. Brutally funny. A triumph of performance” - Chortle

“His baby-faced rudeness is delightfully wrong” - The Journal

Entry to these shows is free and is not ticketed - just turn up on the day of the show!

Doors open at 7:30pm with the shows starting at 8pm.

Red Lion